Don't Panic - Time management

Where did my hours go?

Time management is so important when working in events, in fact I think its fair to say that its crucial. So, whilst everything from the outside looks so sleek and smooth there are times that my time management is in absolute tatters (there I said it!!).

This mainly occurs during school holidays when I'm juggling children, work and extra activities. It sometimes involves me using my phone as my office whilst sipping bad coffee in the cafe area of a kids activity center. I'm not alone though, as I glance around I see other Mums and Dads frantically trying to keep their heads above the water too!

Anyway, this last week its led me to step over to the bright side of online diary scheduling (I've always favored my paper diary and pencil) much to the delight of my wing woman Grace! Thankfully she's a wizz at this and has set it all up so that now she knows which activity centre I'm drowning in when I cant hear to take a call!

Preparation is key

None of us are perfect and not a day goes by in the events industry without a hitch or hiccup but the one thing I've learnt is that preparation and organisation are key to time management and making sure that there is enough of it to get the jobs done (especially having a family to balance too).

Generally I'll plan my diary with at least a spare hour each day for those unexpected jobs, meetings or calls that come in. I find my most productive office time is in the afternoon or evening so my meetings generally are timed for mornings (I usually look less frazzled in the mornings too!).

Don't beat yourself up

As the end of the 2 week Easter break nears, I have mixed emotions of relief and guilt. Relief that my working week goes back to normal and the hours will somehow return to normal and guilt that I cant book the whole 2 weeks off and spend it all with my children. But you know what, they don't care that Mummy has had to endure another crap coffee whilst trying to write a blog on her tiny phone screen or that she sat up until midnight finishing admin jobs, they're just happy that mummy can spend time with them during the school holidays making memories - that's where those hours went this week. The other disappearing hours can be sorted and organised to be more efficient.

Now where has Grace hidden my diary?!


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