Our Story

Our company founder Carrie Hughes has been organising things her entire life! Revelling in smooth and succesful operation she's organised many different kinds of events for many different kinds of clients. Efficiency, communication and calm are key to bringing a positive experience to all involved.

Here at Pink Pebble we pride ourselves in being able to offer the same consistent service no matter how big or small, complicated or simple your event may be. From complete organisation, management or consultation we can help you to produce the perfect event.

Pink Pebble will always try to use and support other local traders and companies when producing any event whilst still providing our clients with competitive rates and efficient, hassle free service. We believe in building up local trade and forming business relationships that will continue to flourish and support local trade where possible. Preferring a personal touch, we use lots of independent suppliers who remain loyal, dedicated, passionate and consistent in their service or product.

If you need help and advice with any event or promotion, please get in touch for a FREE consultation.